Subject: Thoth's Agents' Mailbox
Posted on: 2018-07-08 00:59:31 UTC


  • Agent Thoth of Floaters, Chaos Space Marine formerly of the XVth Legion, Designated Affably Evil Chaotic Teammate, Unwilling Puppet of Fate, The Serious One, Occasionally Deemed a "Giant Asexual Gay Man" as it Amuses Me.
  • Agent Tom of Floaters, Former Laundry Computational Demonologist, The Normal One, Comic Relief in Residence (he's adopted the title and takes it very seriously), Devoted Gamer, Semi-Author Avatar.
  • Agent Talia Ornix of DoSAT, Hacker with a Temper, Presently The Only Girl, Semi-Sane, Very Irritated About Having To Write Software That Runs on Literal Potatoes.
  • Agent Dagger (not his real name), Dragonborn, Surly Embittered Electrical Engineer, Vague and Traumatic Past, Still Learning More About his Species Continuum of Origin, Enjoys Glaring At People.

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