Subject: I don't live in the Nursery.
Posted on: 2018-07-08 13:23:49 UTC

I live at home with my mom. I go to school at the Nursery. I like it, because all my friends are there and usually classes are fun. You have to know a lot of stuff in the PPC. We do a lot of spelling and grammar and writing work, which gets pretty boring, but canon classes are great! Sometimes we even get to go on field trips to the OFUs. It's not exactly the real thing, but it's pretty cool. Other places are so big and bright and colorful, not like HQ at all. The first time, it was a little bit like that one book, The Giver, which has a movie that's not very good. We did a paper on it last year. Wanna know what I said?

(( Please don't ask, I've never seen the movie and I have no idea. This kinda got away from me. {X D ))

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