Subject: Zingenmir's Agents' Mailbox
Posted on: 2018-07-09 13:10:00 UTC

I'm in! Taking questions for...everyone you've seen, really:

RC Pie (2.1459), DIC


Edgar Sullivan

RC 18, DMS

Dawn McKenna I really need to update that page oh man. It's on the list. It's not the only one, either.

RC 29, DMS

Brenda Loringham

Charlotte "Charlie" Shoe

RC 1500, SIELU

Gurnirel (First Age Noldorin elleth, recruited in 2013)

Naergondir (First Age Noldorin ellon, recruited in 2013)

RC 5242, ESAS

Jacques Bonnefoy

RC 7221, DOGA



RC 41123, DIC

Allison Brown (from, uh, beyond the grave. Don't expect questions about how she died to get you much--understandably, it's a touchy subject)


The Reader


Owain Sato

Ruby Sato

Seren Sato

RC Unknown, DMS Harry Potter Division

Salok (I guess? It could be good to get more of a sense of him. He, ah, died in the Assimilation Crisis in December 2006--Vulcan, T'Zar's husband. If you'd like to ask questions of a ghost, go for it!)

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