Subject: Badger421's Agent's Mailbox.
Posted on: 2018-07-08 17:20:13 UTC

Questions are open to my perpetually potential agents, Larkus and Curff, who will totally eventually exist once I can be bothered to stop procrastinating and actually write a Permission piece, as well as a newcomer to my roster who I have yet to settle on a partner for.

  • Agent Larkus Grun, DMS. Forcibly retired officer of the Coruscant Security Force, rambler, gambler, and fugitive from Imperial justice.
  • Agent Turff-Croft, A.K.A. Curff, DMS. Lupin Sorcerer of the Ninth Circle of the Ashen Hill (translation: level nine D&D sorcerer, homebrew setting), Retired Adventurer, amateur alchemist, comfortable chair enthusiast.
  • Rinnel Anweir, a new arrival from the setting of The Bastion Walls, one of my own as yet unfinished stories. Boatswain of the airship Starlight Dancer, thief, pickpocket, smuggler, and general scoundrel.

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