Subject: ... The time I got in this place for the first time.
Posted on: 2018-07-08 17:12:00 UTC

Being dropped in the badfic mess without a brief and the fireworks at the DoSAT when we got back take the cake by far. I heard some Techies are still keeping a grudge.

But if you're thinking... before, then I'd say that was about one year after learning about magic. Back then, we'd figured out the worst of the accidental hexing was behind us, with knowing how to avoid the worst of it now. I had came back home for a family movie night after a... special lesson with my master, so I was already tense. The movie was... Madagascar 2, just a nice little thing my little sister could enjoy too for us to watch. I'm relaxing... Then our phone begins ringing. It's ridiculious, but that's so unexpected it got me jumping out of my armchair... Straight out of my circle. Bye Bye TV. And since by that point I'm also feeling this is my fault and getting pretty frustrated at the relapse... Living room electronics follow by the time I'm getting it under control. I was feeling real bad by the time it was over.

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