Subject: Well, then, hello.
Posted on: 2018-07-11 13:04:39 UTC

I'm not sure how we haven't crossed paths before - I wouldn't say I'm in SIELU often, but I get called in for Grelvish consultations occasionally (don't laugh; I never meant to pick it up). Mostly I end up stuck talking to Ramwë, though.

So: greetings to you beneath the stars beyond Arda. I am Huinesoron, of the PPC, of Nargothrond before the Sudden Flame, of Tirion upon Túna in the days of bliss. I would be glad to make your acquaintance, and remember with you the Elder Days of the world.

Provided we don't have to do it in thrice-detested Original Quendian.


((... we should totally write a First Age Get-Together. Excuse me while I go off for about an hour to see how many agents would show up...

Okay, so Naergondir, Huinesoron, Dafydd, obviously. Duros Black used to live in Gondolin. Hawthorne is a Maglor replacement. Kevin Talathion comes from southern Beleriand. And... that seems to be it? Our dwarves are from later, Vemi was from much earlier, and I think all our Mannish types are from the Third Age, as is Jareth the Uruk-hai. Huh. ~hS))

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