Subject: How could you suggest such a thing?!
Posted on: 2018-07-10 07:40:45 UTC

Ninetwo: Frankly, ummm, this strikes me as deeply offensive - not just to our employers, who have spent much time, and effort, and, um, time, into creating as ideal of a work environment as they can, but to us employees - us, who place our trust, our hopes and dreams on the backs of our great leaders in the Janitorial Division management! To denigrate them would be to, by extension, denigrate us, and I refuse to do that!

Finch: 'It-s a justice we really bloody ought to have and, because of that fact, we never will ever have it. All these gits are whinging about "not being fired" and "job security" and "milking any form of miniscule payment out to survive to next week". You think you-ve it rough? Every day, all day, I-m out here dying, but that never strikes them, does it?!

Bingle: 'Oh, well, I suppose it could be a fun day out, couldn't it?'

Anne: 'We tried that once in the early days. I don't think there's many people left in JD who'll remember it. Everybody went on strike. It dissolved pretty fast when we realised we all lived in here, and that all the falling infrastructure and angry goops and gases would be going after us, too. I don't think I care so much about my own rights, anyway.'

Anne's Cat (written by Anne): 'My cat scratched out the word "union" and then ate the whole letter. Now she's spitting up shards of it into the rubbish bin. She hates all kinds of rights, especially human ones. I think she would be inherently against this.'

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