Subject: Lard's Mailbox
Posted on: 2018-07-10 02:27:53 UTC

Ayy ya bois in the Janitorial Division's Shift Twentieth are all up for mail for whatever despicable secrets you want them to spill.

  • S86FNC-11630, A.K.A. Finch. Sapient vending machine trapped in a perpetual cycle of fury and paranoia, angry at things he is afraid of, which is practically everything.

  • Bernhard Bingard Bingle. Dead wizard held together with obscure magic, all that genius of his gummed up with a centuries' worth of senility and forgetfulness.

  • Anne. Ineffably stoic and one of the craziest people in the JD, purely because she has remained so totally sane in her time there.

  • Weed Ninety-Two, A.K.A. Ninetwo. Bureacratic rules lawyer who has memorised every single employee rule and guidebook and will be sure to quote them at you when she can.

  • Anne's Cat. Scientifically enhanced cat who is smart enough to have developed complete, well thought-out misanthropy but who cannot write letters back or talk. Anne will write back for her, I guess.

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