Subject: Taking advantage?
Posted on: 2018-07-11 10:33:19 UTC


Then again, I've seen the latest report. You're going to twist what I say no matter what...

Well, then. Yes. I am absolutely taking advantage of Zeb. Because that's apparently what I do, taking advantage of people like this, so obviously that's what's been happening with Zeb. I definitely didn't have a conversation with him three years ago about what exactly he could expect from me, and I've absolutely seduced him multiple times into the salacious art of baking pies and watching movies. He's definitely only with me because I've overwhelmed him or blackmailed him or something like that.

You know, considering this has been going on for three years, wouldn't someone like Dawn or, I don't know, the Aviator have put a stop to it by now if I really was taking advantage of Zeb? Assuming he wouldn't have done it himself? Sometimes you people just don't think.


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