Subject: Reply from Durotar and Kur'nak
Posted on: 2017-06-12 17:55:59 UTC

Durotar: Well, this does seem to be a popular question. We've delivered all manner of interesting things, as you can imagine. The ones that stand out are the ones where you can feel something moving inside. Best not to ask questions about what might be in there. Especially when you are delivering it to Kitchen staff.

Kur'nak: Ha! Things moving inside packages is hardly the weirdest. You know the Sunflower's subscriptions are weirder than that, and the things that Mary Sue Experiments and Research know, the ones that sometimes leak through the box and smell like a child's perfume?...those are weird. I still say that last one was an arm. "Delicate Scientific Equipment" my ass.

Durotar: Do you remember when we had to haul that giant box down to DoSAT?

Kur'nak: The one that barely fit in the hallways and around corners? Yeah, I remember it. Did we ever find out what was in that?

Durotar: I heard it from one of the techs. It was two AA batteries packaged in nearly a mile of bubble wrap. That was the least stressed-out tech I've ever seen, by the way.

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