Subject: Wow... That's a whole lotta questions... (nm)
Posted on: 2017-06-03 11:45:04 UTC

In terms of dyin', I can't say I'm the expert... Y'know, bein' immortal and all that jazz, but if you want, luv, I'd be mighty glad to test some theories about...


Ah, right... Back to the questions, then. Actually, that's a good one. I guess we do get along, don't we?

I suppose. You're not bad, even if a little too serious sometimes. And really should tone down the whole warlock spiel. It might've worked in your world, but there are people here that can out-magic you with ease... ;)

...Right. What's next... Hmm... Do we even have a favourite mission?

I don't think so. I mean, helping out Ami was fun...

Was not. I was a bloody hobbit!

...Then again, we're not one of those teams that look forward to missions, and are only counting down to the next moment they can assassinate someone. As for the least favourite... Hmm... Angel-Sue?

Angel-bloody-Sue... That's atrocity was an absolute horror. Remember, it had Dobby with a bloody rocket launcher.

So... Yeah, not much we can really say. We're a pretty lazy team, not many missions on our back. Honestly, don't even know why anyone would like to meet us, do you, Will?

I don't know why anyone wouldn't like to meet us, luv.

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