Subject: Answers!
Posted on: 2017-06-02 20:45:13 UTC

Dok: "For mein part, I am beink most excited to engage in zer protection uff zer vider vorlds-und-mirrors-uff-vorlds from zer ravenous menaces uff beinks from beyond zer veil uff perception whose very presence is enough to be drivink zer sanest of us into zer grips uff full-bore, wall-clawing, all-hyu-can-eat-crayon-diet insanity! I am findink it ein most useful application of mein particular set uff skills!"

Gabrielle: "Uh, is the Fourth Wall a rising tide of the absence of things that isn't even black because black is a colour and a concept and it's slowly dissolving everything around you and also it hurts? Because if so, uh, I totally have! Yay!"

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