Subject: I am not suprised you have not heard of my home universe
Posted on: 2017-06-11 06:44:18 UTC

It is, after all, not widely known, which does have a few benefits in our line of work.

Now, on to the actual question. About two and a half thousand years ago, from my perspective, there were several global catastrophes caused by various forms of advanced technology. As a result, an ancient tradition of mathematicians and theoretical scientists living in isolated communities called maths was ... well, the only thing we know conclusively is that it was revived, but, at the risk of starting an argument, I will say that it was forcibly reimposed. The avout, such as myself, who reside in these maths are sworn to follow the Discipline for some number of years. In the case of the millenarians, or Thousanders, the term is, rather unsurprisingly, a thousand years.

As far as I am concerned, the main drawback of the long term is that it is rather difficult to communicate results. However, to compensate, there were a few quite useful research programs we probably only managed to complete because no one could spread Sack-triggering rumors about them until after we were done.

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