Subject: For Ami
Posted on: 2017-06-03 22:45:03 UTC

Is it true you are a pony? What tribe are you from? What is you Cutie Mark? What is your special talent? Does it disappear if you shave your flank? How does feel to walk on your nails? Can I brush your mane? Can I brush your mane and tail!? Can I―

(Gets removed from console)

This is FicPsych Nurse Corinna Chan speaking. Agent Seeker, I so sorry for my adoptive daughter's pestering, she has just recently starting watching Friendship is Magic, and has become... extremely enthusiastic about it. It has made wonders for her mental state, yes, but once she discovered there were pony Agents, it has gone... slightly out of control. In fact, I have received a formal complaint from Agent Printworthy once because of that.

With greetings:

Nurse Corinna Lovisa Chan, Department of Fictional Psychology.

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