Subject: We're having difficulties.
Posted on: 2017-06-08 06:42:27 UTC

I mean, things won't just fry because I'm looking at them, unless we're talking about real high tech, so I can buy groceries for instance but... Cell phones and credit cards, for instance, can go kaput in a matter of days, so as you can imagine, no using them. Computers can be forgotten too. And be damn careful when you go to the hospitals. Don't want to kill these patients needing life support, eh? And of course, that means things like X-Rays are way harder to use on you. Also, planes. No. just... No.

Heck, we got to aim or the older tech things, or the ones known for reliability if we want something not breaking up too much. Like Dresen's Beetle, for instance. Or use circles to try to keep magic energy away from them. Not that's always making lots of good, since we generaly have to ward our homes, and that always keep some magic inside.

And I'm supposed to have it relatively easy, since the hexing effect is lessened by how familiar you are with the technology. Better control of the magic helps too, but you needs being far more experienced than me, someone who was freshly out of apprenticeship. But... that's pretty much the point. Having magic is supposed to make you some sort of outsider for the rest of the society. From what I know, back in the past that was the disturbing look, souring milk of the neighbours, all these little things which indicated you had someone using magic around. Today, it's technology age. So that's the new thing. I wonder if I'll live old enough to see how magic will screw us up later, or if this techbane aspect will stick.

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