Subject: Questions - some for one, some for both.
Posted on: 2017-06-02 15:19:38 UTC

To Micheal, how in the world - or worlds, depending on the continuum - do you deal with a partner who can't seem to avoid getting himself killed? A partner who won't - or, to his credit, perhaps can't (medical issues are a possibility, I've met a few with them) - stay focused on what he really ought to be doing, for that matter. And how do those glasses of yours work?

To Apecian, how does that regeneration power of yours work? Has your answer to "Favorite Death" changed since the last time the question was asked?

To the both of you, are there any patterns in your work? Who generally takes care of charges and who generally takes care of assassination? Which continuums do you get sent to most often? Which continuums do you prefer to get sent to?

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