Subject: To Dawn McKenna, DMS,
Posted on: 2017-06-02 21:19:02 UTC

Hi! My name is Calliope - I'm the new one. Lu (she's my partner) said that I was in charge of writing a response to this. I don't know why, I'm the one least able to answer your questions! But I'll do it as best I can.

Lu and I are in the Department of Floaters. As best as I've been able to piece the story together, Steele was Lu's last partner and they had a bit of a falling-out; I do know she was transferred to the Department of Bad Slash, and Lu says that's where she belongs. I get the feeling Lu doesn't like Steele very much, so I don't know how accurate the idea that she belongs there is.

My favorite drink is something I like to make every now and again - it's a mixture of apple juice and vanilla ice cream. It's super sweet and so incredibly good! Drop by sometime and I'll make it for you, I think I've finally got the recipe down. But when I can't have that, I usually drink whatever's in the fridge and looks good to me. Lu... I think she likes root beer. Or at least that's what I see her drinking. She doesn't really like to answer my questions about things, and she really doesn't see the need for me to know her favorite drink of all things.

As for the Sunflower's Witness, I had a strange dream a while back. Something about someone trying to kill someone the SW was protecting? It was a little strange and I forgot to write it down. I think Lu might have met the SW before I came here, but - well, like I said, she's not big on sharing.

It was super nice to hear from you, Dawn! Drop another hat in if you have more questions. Who knows, maybe Lu could answer them next time!

Signed, Calliope I.

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