Subject: Answers
Posted on: 2017-06-07 16:10:45 UTC

Ilraen: This would not be an easy question for most Andalites, I think, but it is for me: I would choose my human form. I spend half my time that way, if not more, as it is. The adjustment would not be too difficult. I would miss my natural body, of course, especially the ability to run with Alice and my other friends in the Courtyard . . . and I can just imagine what Farilan would say . . . but, well, it is only a hypothetical question.

The tastiest thing . . . there was chocolate-covered ham at a Christmas party once. I think that is the most sensational combination of flavors I have yet discovered. Salty and sweet, smoky and a little bitter . . . yes, that was very good.

Alex: No, but if I had, I'm afraid they would be useless. You'd have to figure out which lottery they applied to, in what universe, and whether it's in my future, or yours, or someone else's . . . Precognition is really a useless talent in a place where time is in business for itself.

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