Subject: Hello, Will and VJ!
Posted on: 2017-06-02 15:10:51 UTC

I've been dying to meet you two! Well, okay, not literally, because that wouldn't have worked very well. I think. Would that have worked? Huh. Now I really want to know that, too.

But the question I would have asked originally! Rather, questions. I'm a little nosy. Sorry about that, you don't absolutely haaaaave to answer all of them if you're made a little uncomfortable. After all, it's not like you know me or anything!

One, what mission of yours was your favorite? Two, which mission was your least favorite? Three, for those times when you can't seem to get along and you're not on a mission, what do the two of you do? Four, what do you do when you can't get along and you are on a mission? Five, I've noticed you seem to spend a lot of time doing missions in the Harry Potter world - d'you know why?

I'll probably send more questions later, but I can't think of more now. (I would like an answer on the death thing though.) Cheers until then!

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