Subject: "Oh, this and that."
Posted on: 2017-06-02 21:09:23 UTC

"The Commander and myself have primarily been working with teams sent to obscure fandoms whose power levels are rather more dangerous than initially surmised. Beyond that, I am given to understand that the Commander has been working closely with certain of FicPsych to set up a dedicated outreach-cum-demobilization program for refugee bits and OCs from militarily-inflected badfic worlds, a duty that hitherto has been left to more general practitioners of psychological medicine. For my part, my time has been taken up by building scouting reports for the Department of Intelligence in certain magic-rich continua; English magic is of a certain utility in such travails, being near-on undetectable, though limited in other means. When we have the leisure for it, the Commander and I often dabble in the other's interests: I am now a quite acceptable shot with small arms of various calibre and continuum, if I do say so myself, whilst the Commander's truly agile mind makes her a formidable theoretical magician and scholar of English magic. Her efforts to engage in practical magic are, for reasons I begin to hypothesize are related to her total lack of psionic capabilities and even Force presence, sadly unfruitful thus far; however, hope is the thing with feathers, as the poetess Dickinson put it. I trust this is a full and suitable answer for your needs."

"I remain, "Yr. obdt. svt., "Algernon, 7th Earl Wymbourne, Special Response Officer, Department of Internal Affairs."

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