Subject: Scapegrace's Mailbox But Basically It's The Notary's Mailbox Because People Only Ever Ask Her Things
Posted on: 2017-06-02 13:57:36 UTC

I will be taking questions for all my agents:-

The Notary

The Time Lord Inglorious, the Lonely Sod, known to the Daleks as the Oncoming Form.

Wobbles the Clown

The happiest, luckiest, and somehow also goest of happy-go-lucky children's party entertainers.

Algernon, 7th Earl Wymbourne

A man of decency, breeding, good character, and a tolerable skill as a practical magician.

Field Commander Lola McCandless

A woman of considerably less breeding, a complete lack of decency, and a tolerable skill as the commander of a ragtag organization devoted to shooting horrible gribbly space things.

Doktor Trollenfisch

The Department of WhatThe's resident neon-pink pufferfish with a German accent and a love of the sousaphone Biggenbrassenparpenthingen.


An adorable and engaging little ball of cute with a dark past full of trauma and sadness; can you tell she was originally one of Ix's characters yet?

((One rule before we begin: I really must insist that messaging parties do not inform the Notary of Lola's existence within the PPC, and vice versa. There will be a story in which they meet; this ain't it. Sorry to be so blunt about it, but it does get irritating.))

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