Subject: Zingenmir's Mailbox
Posted on: 2017-06-02 20:42:18 UTC

Hullo, hullo, hullo! If you have questions for any of the following characters (or any I've forgotten to list but also write), this is the place to do it!

Agents taking questions:

-Dawn McKenna -The Reader -Kozar -T'Zar -Abaddon (T'Zar's partner) -Jacques Bonnefoy -Brenda Loringham -Charlie Shoe -Edgar Sullivan -Agen____t -Gurnirel (female elven agent in SIELU) -Naergondir (male elven agent in SIELU)

Non-agents taking questions, since they want in on the fun:

-Ruby Sato -Owain Sato -Seren Sato

(All three are Nursery children. Ruby is six years old; Owain and Seren are five.)

You can also leave questions for Dawn's fire-lizard, Gwilithiel, though of course her replies will have to be conveyed through Dawn's translation...

Ask away!

~Z (& co.)

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