Subject: Dawn stares at the mailbox, wondering.
Posted on: 2017-06-02 21:02:38 UTC

She does not know these people, but feels she can understand the scribbling over the first name--having kept up with the Das Sporking community, she knows the unfortunate associations one might have recently with the surname 'Steele'. Well, that and there are many grumpy agents in HQ--one wishing to have nothing to do with the Mailbox service is hardly unusual. At least one Time Lord comes to mind.

Still. She has been an agent for over a decade now, and, she tells herself, she is nothing but welcoming of new agents. After all, she used to be one herself. Right?

She scrawls out a note in her loopy handwriting, folding it into a simple hat and addressing it on the brim before dropping it into the clearly labeled mailbox.

There. Welcome complete.

She turns to go.

When opened, the message (addressed to all three names, or rather, to CS, LG, & CI as the brim was a little hard to write on) reads:

Hello, all three of you! I don't know you, so I assume at least one of you is new. Or new-ish. But welcome either way. Who are you all? What are your favorite things to drink? What department(s) are you in? Have you ever run into the Sunflower's Witness? I did that some years ago, and it was...

Well, anyway, good to meet you!

It is signed, barely legibly, Dawn McKenna, DMS

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