Subject: "Hmm... Well, if you've been absent since Sinouh..."
Posted on: 2016-06-28 06:49:08 UTC

Alex thought for a moment. "Well, when it comes to cities, you missed the renovations they did in Ja-To. You also missed the construction both Old and New Onava, and then they built Kelas, and there was the renovation of Old Howen. I should mention that I have seen neither New Onava nor the renovations of Old Howen, nor did I know Con-To or Ja-To before their renovations. Currently, the city of El-oela is under construction on an island in the middle of a lake. You missed many new Mons, and they finally decided to give new practitioners of Mons a Fire Mon who did not acquire the Fighting Element in its later stages. They had one of those in Onava, but decided to hand out one who acquired the Psychic Element in Kelas. They've discovered a new Element, known as Fairy. It deals extra damage to and is immune to the powerful Dragon Element, deals extra damage to and resists the Dark and Fighting Elements, resists the Bug Element, deals less damage to the Fire Element, and deals less damage to and is vulnerable to the Poison and Steel Elements. They've begun to include clothing shops in the cities, and Pokhemmon Infirmaries and Markets are now located in the same building. Let's see what else..." The boy paused, trying to recall more details about the new lands. A thought struck him, and he inquired, "Oh! Before I forget, have you been to New Sinouh?"

((So, basically, a city gets renovated when a new game is released with the same plot, like Silver and Soulsilver, but a new city, known as New X, is built whenever a new game is released in the same region, but a different plot, and the previous city is declared Old X, such as in Black and Black 2. I decided to call Platinum New Sinouh because of the additions to the plot at the end. It's mostly like Old Sinouh, but with a few extra locations at the edges of the city. Nah, in casual stuff, the é isn't required, I think.))

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