Subject: 'Ent learnt much at my mum's knee.'
Posted on: 2016-06-27 09:11:34 UTC

''Cept synovial joints. Articulation, and all. Certainly not joy, least.' He lifted his cap, scratching his head. 'Anyway, I've been all over the bloody place. World's my home, my dad always said, which is bollocks, in my opinion, 'cause bears don't go maulin' you in any half-decent home. Been in,' He rubbed a chin in consideration.

'Vidya Gaym, for a time, Pokhemmon in my early days, faffed 'round Somath-Aful, knocked around Prashette, recently, lovely people there, ought to mention,' He inhaled, 'Bits of Lotor, barest edges of Air'ihpotre, got lost at sea for a couple weeks, 'f that counts, er,' He paused, thinking further.

'Been places, is all I'm sayin',' His grin widening, somehow. 'Travelin' merchant ent much use if he doesn't travel, eh? Oy, haven't introduced myself, have I?' He stopped again, seriously considering this possibility. 'Nah, haven't.' He extended an arm. 'Jan, son to Stockins. Who was mauled by a bear. Mates call me 'Lawfen' Stockins, for, er,' He shrugged, explanation descending into a quaint chuckle.

((I'd add more, but I don't know their Plort equivalents, and I don't trust myself to add them and not break something along the line. Been places, is all I'm sayin')

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