Subject: A young man was wandering around.
Posted on: 2016-06-26 06:14:28 UTC

He had just arrived at the festival, and wasn't still sure about what he would like to do, if only because he didn't know so many people here. His outfit wasn't so festive too, a rather old gambeson with a cuirass and a surcoat displaying a deployed eagle over a sword crossed with a pen and a twenty-faced dice, and greaves, vambraces and gauntlets looking like they all had been picked up from a different set of armor, and its weapon at his side. One disadvantage of wandering, this inability to have nice clothes handy.

The young man just shrugged. He could still enjoy himself a bit here, and hopefully nobody would mind the armor of some newly-arrived guest. Even if he didn't mind being left alone, conversation could always be enjoyable.

((Hope it will go alright here.))

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