Subject: Stockins' face sank.
Posted on: 2016-06-27 06:07:41 UTC

It perked back up into that crooked smile he previously wore almost instantly. He wasn't called 'Lawfen' Stockins for frowning. More the opposite, really. He supposed it wasn't too much of a shame the fellow wasn't rich. Heaps of people weren't rich, Stockins included. It was what made the position so enticing, after all.

'Y'know, that'd explain it, that would. Ah, bugger me.' An eyebrow was raised. 'Y'travel much, mate? Awful far, An-Emay is. Y'seem a bit young, is all. Not that I judge, 'course. Popped off on my own, supple-skinned bugger of fifteen, I did. Never gone too far into An-Emay, though, as you'd reckon. Bit, er, loud, for my tastes.'

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