Subject: "So... This is a 'festival', huh?"
Posted on: 2016-06-26 15:16:02 UTC

The wild man hadn't been in town for a long while. Things had gotten pretty chaotic in the recent months, and he'd largely stayed away from it all, preferring to take up residence with the animals and monsters until things had calmed down. He hadn't expected a so-called 'festival', though, and the celebrations were definitely new to him.

Given how packed the crowds and vending stalls were, Skaer'morys couldn't take any of his larger monsters with him - a fact which had saddened Lapis, who had been dying to go. He'd thought about letting the sea serpent play in one of the fountains, but she had grown quite enormous as of late, and getting her into the festival in the first place would be too much of a challenge to be worth anything. Rayner and E.V.L. opted out of coming despite being a good deal smaller, since they had outright stated that they weren't good with crowds, and Rashida? She couldn't possibly care less.

So Skaer'morys had elected to bring the remaining four: Falchion, Ripper, Sarah, and Cupid. Sarah, being the largest, had to perch on a rooftop and watch from a distance, but that was because he'd used the Roc to fly here in the first place. Meanwhile, Falchion and Ripper strutted on either side of their master, and Cupid was perched on his shoulder.

"I must be honest... This is amazing," said Skaer'morys.

"I know, right?" replied Falchion. "I told you coming back here was a good idea. Look at all the pretty, shiny things! I like shiny things..."

"You do realize, however, that we'll all be getting hungry before long? I could use something to eat myself."

"Peep! You promised to bring something back for Sarah, though!" Cupid fluffed his white feathers. "Shouldn't we worry about that first in case she decides to swoop down and carry off one of the food carts, pii~?"

"Don't worry, we'll take care of that in due course," said Falchion. "And that goes for Ripper, too. Master doesn't want him attacking any pets around here. The wild man already draws a slight bit of suspicion, and we don't want any more."

"No promises," the raptor replied, shrugging his clawed wings. "Though I'd go after one of the butcher stalls instead. Probably steal a chicken or two as well, just to be safe."

Skaer'morys glared at him. "Not. Helping."

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