Subject: The boy laughed quietly when the other began speaking.
Posted on: 2016-06-27 19:52:30 UTC

After the man had finished, he said, "I apologize for my rudeness in interrupting you, but you have a rather amusing way of describing even the worst events. I should introduce myself as well. My name is Alexander, and I am of the house of Nezayel, though most find it simpler to call me Alex. You say you have been to Pokhemmon? I have as well, and the creatures that inhabit that land are marvelous. Which cities have you been to?

((A note here: Granz the Ice Cream Monarch comes from: A) Szayel Aporro Granz (I'm pretty sure there's a space between Szayel and Aporro, though I'm not sure because I've only heard it spoken, I haven't seen the relevant pages of the original version of canon.), B) Neopolitan, from RWBY, because she beats people up with an umbrella and that's just awesome, and C) the Monarch archetype of Yu-Gi-Oh. Nezayel is a combination of the first two, and the last one... well, I'm not even a knight yet, so I can't really be a monarch. Also, since there are different regions in Pokemon, I feel like in their Plort equivalent, there is basically one city that contains most of the stuff, like the Gyms and the Pokemon Centers and Marts, and at the center is a citadel in which live the E4 and the Champion. People go out into the surrounding countryside to train, but the region is usually referred to by the name of the city. If this doesn't follow Plort canon, ignore it, I just couldn't find the structure of Pokhemmon on the wiki.))

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