Subject: A man wandered amongst the food stalls, a shovel tied to his back.
Posted on: 2016-06-26 00:14:05 UTC

He left a few coins at every stall, and walked away with each one with a full trencher. By the time he had reached the next one, the food was gone.

The man wore a green tunic; emblazoned on the front was a silver scorpion, quartered by music notes, identifying him to anyone who knew his heraldry: Ser Dylan Read, Knight of the Void.

Ser Dylan looked around uncertainly; he'd mainly come for the food, and was not terribly fluent in the things other knights called "people skills." Every so often, he'd see a face he recognized, but his uncertainty prevented him from approaching.

((Heyo, it's Voyd. And yeah, this is pretty much how I handle social situations. I'm too nervous/shy to approach anyone, I'm scared of saying something that'll offend.))

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