Subject: Plort Festival of Sumralese RP!
Posted on: 2016-06-25 23:10:41 UTC

It was fortunate indeed her brother had become a prodigy of magic, Lady Iximaz thought to herself as she stepped onto the portal circle he'd scribed on the floor of his tower. He himself was too busy for the festivities going on in Borrd, but he'd agreed to transport her there for the day.

She shut her eyes, and when she opened them, she was standing in a crowded city square, filled with food vendors and merchants hawking their wares; a gaggle of street performers were putting on a show near the fountain; down the street, she could see people dancing to the music of bagpipes. Despite her sudden entrance, not many people paid her any mind; magic transport wasn't totally unheard of, after all, and clad in her light linen shirt and loose breeches, she blended in with the rest of the festival-goers.

She smiled and set off, wondering if she would see any friendly faces among the crowd.

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