Subject: The boy turned in surprise, having not heard the man come up to him.
Posted on: 2016-06-26 03:52:35 UTC

Or, well, he had heard him approach, but had assumed that he was going somewhere else. He eyed the man- or, well, it appeared to be a man. The frame was that of a man, but for all he knew, it could be a pile of clothes with a face attached. He had seen stranger things.

Though nervous, Alexander did his best not to shrink into himself, as he would normally have done. He's just being kind, he told himself. There is no ill intent here

"I purchased it in the land known as the Confederation of An-Emay. It's quite common for people to dress in even more spectacular garb in some regions," he replied.

((I don't think this shatters Plort canon. It is a medieval world, but, well... Just look at the apparel of anybody appearing in most of the more... let's say fantastic anime, and tell me that the equivalent regions wouldn't be ridiculously colorful. And good! This should be interesting.))

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