Subject: 'Ah, old Pokhemmon,'
Posted on: 2016-06-28 06:04:09 UTC

Memories flooded through Stockins' head, banging a nostalgic grin onto his face. 'Did a whole circuit of that place, 'f I recall. Couldn't bring myself to leave, y'know? Visited practically every city, there. Don't mean much now, 'course, what with all those newer cities. Been meanin' to come back to that place. Specially... whatsitcalled, Hon? Ho-in? Howen?' He shrugged. 'Y'get what I mean. Ent been to the newer cities. Ones made after that Sinouh - can scarcely recall their names. Tell me, mate,' He leant in for effect. The effect was promptly ruined when he stood on his toes.

'What've I missed?'

((I suppose if Middle-Earth is misspelt, the Pokemon [don't hurt me for not including the super spooky 'e'] regions ought to be, too.))

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