Subject: A young man looked around, awed by the festivities
Posted on: 2016-06-26 01:20:41 UTC

The young man- nay, the boy, for he had not yet passed the age which marked adulthood in his homeland- stood off by himself, and was clad in a deep blue tunic with black on edges of the sleeves, the collar, and the bottom, and a pair of breeches with the reverse pattern. He was bewildered by the strange vibrancy of this place, the bright colors, the loud music, the odd devices, and the incredibly curious customs. He looked around, and noted the cheerfulness of all the others attending the festivities. He desired to approach them, but did not, fearing his ignorance would lead to a disastrous misstep.

((Granz the Ice Cream Monarch here! I guess this is how OOC text is marked? Is this too much? Too little? Urple? And would those be the hems? Sorry for the question barrage- well, technically it's only three questions, but there are five question marks-, I'm pretty new to the whole Role-Playing thing, and also have no clue how costumes work.))

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