Subject: A flat cap-topped pile of rags with a squat figure somewhere inside it stood to its feet.
Posted on: 2016-06-26 03:17:42 UTC

His name was Jan Stockins, and he was a businessman. A man of business. Who performed his business in a uniquely mannish way, not that he had any issues with doing it in a womannish way, it was just that he, Jan Stockins, personally preferred the 'mannish' method of doing his things, said things generally relating to business. Mannish business. And was he ready for business. Unfortunately, his body was thoroughly unsuited for such conditions, being that of a much taller person, compressed into the short, square-shouldered, bulge-bellied thing he was. There was a river of lower-bodies for him to wade through, but he wasn't deterred. Business awaited. The boy was in some lonely corner, off by the edges of the crowd, gazing in. He was wearing deep blue. The only people, in Stockins' experience, who wore deep blue were people who could afford to crush up gems for their clothing, afford to buy clothing coloured with crushed up gems, or were brave enough to steal from people who wore clothing coloured by crushed up gems. Stockins was quite fond of all three. He jiggled his bag, feeling the familiar, colossal weight pressing against his back. It'd probably break right through, if he tripped over some foot in that crowd. He decided to not do that.

A good few minutes of pressing past legs, disturbing conversations, knocking people around, and hasty apologising, and he had finally emerged, clutching his flat cap. He wore his best grin, a large, lopsided thing, and released the hat onto his head. 'G'morning, mate. Mind if I ask about, er,' He rubbed his hands together, hoping he wasn't being creepy. 'That blue dress'f yours? Very expensive looking, is all, and,' He chuckled lightly. 'I pay attention to that, y'know?' He really hoped he wasn't being creepy.

((Nah, you're doing alright. Well, I hope you are. I know as much about costumes as I know about quantum physics, which is most definitely not bragging. If it makes everything feel better, I probably know even less about roleplaying. We can be newbies-in-arms.))

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