Subject: "Two schnappses!"
Posted on: 2016-06-27 20:23:11 UTC

The bald man wearing a worn-out gambeson and blue breeches gestured as the nearest vendor and tossed them a coin from the pouch strapped to his side. He then took one of the glasses brought to him and emptied it with one powerful swig. The Merchant King wasn't interested as much in festivities as he was in observing potential clients. It was one of his personal hobbies; some would simply call it 'being nosy', but Cipher preferred calling it 'being well-informed'.

With a full glass in hand, the merchant took a stroll between vendors and stalls, eager to hear more news he could later bargain with.

((If you folks ever need a proof that my RP skills suck... Well, here you go.))

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