Subject: Alleb screamed right back.
Posted on: 2016-05-06 19:41:46 UTC

No more dodging! she thought. It was foolhardy--Wobbles was nearly twice her size. But the swordmaiden refused to back down. She charged Wobbles even as Wobbles charged at her, hands already up to catch the chair leg when it came at her.

Jesse, meanwhile, after taking a pogo stick to the back (in addition to a clown to the ribs, an arm to the shoulder, and a pie to the face) had decided that either he had lost whatever fighting talent he had possessed back in Kansas City, or that he had never had any talent in the first place. In either case, he was talent-less. He managed to heave himself up from his pillow of green mashed potatoes, then stumbled to his feet, groaning and feeling at the place on his back where the pogo stick had impacted. He turned back towards where his partner had been. "Hey, Alleb, do--" he broke off, then cursed vehemently, and rushed back towards the fight.


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