Subject: Alleb, dazed as she was, still had instincts.
Posted on: 2016-05-05 17:17:05 UTC

She rolled out of the way of Wobbles' rush, stumbling to her feet. When I find who threw that apple, she thought, shaking her head to clear it. they shall wish that they were never born. She resumed her combat stance, backing up slightly to cover her fallen partner, who she could hear stirring. It felt like the time she had challenged Kindle--the keeper of the armory, a stout Glimpse and strong--to a match. The only difference was that he had weighed less than Wobbles.

Jesse, meanwhile, had managed to bring the ceiling of the cafeteria into focus. He had also determined that while nothing was broken, he was going to have a mess of bruises across his chest. Getting up was going to take a few moments and, judging by the way the fight was going, he didn't have a few moments.

A cream pie hit him in the face. He sighed. Next time, we're staying behind the table.


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