Subject: ((You definitely should! They're brilliant. And pretty much my first-ever fandom.))
Posted on: 2016-05-06 16:57:34 UTC

Wobbles bounced and bounced and bounced atop her mighty spring-footed steed, her slapstick held high as she met the pair's charge with relish and vigour. She vaulted over Jesse's head and lashed a meaty arm at his shoulder while upside down, then managed to stick the landing as she bounced forward again, this time towards the more heavily-injured Alleb. She mimed blowing a cavalry bugle, complete with sound effects (which are difficult but not impossible to mime), and threw herself to the left as she got into striking distance of the sword, pushing her weight low to the ground like a motorcyclist on a high-speed bend as she aimed for the woman's knees with a sweep of both legs and metal pole.

((Please do feel free to have Alleb and Jesse land some blows. I've been trying to leave openings for them.))

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