Subject: "This is getting to RWBY levels of carnage."
Posted on: 2016-05-05 12:51:24 UTC

It was Ajax, commenting on their current situation of foodfight.

The Agents of RC# 637R3K7M8 were holed up in a square fortress of 4 tables. His partner Matthew had somehow acquired a crossbow, and was using it to return fire. Conversely, Ajax himself was using his hydrokinetic abilities to forge a flying tendril of water. Said tendril was littered with the weaponized food, ramming itself into Ajax's opponets.

An eggplant found it's way into their defense, and for some reason had a cord that was lit on fire. An Eggplant Grenade. Matthew threw the eggplant back over their wall, where it exploded.

"Where the heck did they get that?!" Matthew commented post-boom.

"We've passed RWBY levels of carnage, that's for sure." Ajax said.

Saturday night is always alright for fighting

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