Subject: The spell hit William's chest, pushing him several inches back and on his knees.
Posted on: 2016-05-06 18:39:07 UTC

"A'right, that was good," he said, when he got up from his knees. "I almost felt that. Come on, mate! Gimme somethin', any sort o' challenge."

The warlock flicked his hand very gently, making an small melon from the nearest table levitate and splash right next to Michael's head. It was more for the dramatic effect, rather than actual projectile.

"Come on, you need me to teach you how to use that thing?" he asked.

VJ smashed her stick against the floor, and felt her hands tremble from the aftershock. In her peripheral, however, she managed to notice the incoming attack. She jumped back, letting go of her weapon in process.

"Thanks!" She smiled at the other woman. "Nice um... hand?"

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