Subject: Agent Navare was minding his own business.
Posted on: 2016-05-05 19:25:12 UTC

That is to say, putting food in his mouth and chewing mechanically while thinking about something else, partially because of the food involved and partially because he was actually distracted. His reverie was rudely disturbed by something splatting against his shoulder. He looked aside and saw a large, red stain on the shoulder of his uniform jacket. With a sigh he got up, only to duck down again as something that looked suspiciously like a bunch of Spikes flew over his head.

The mage looked at the enfolding chaos, winced as he saw someone get crushed under a not-quite-thin clown (of all things) and tried to plot a way to the exit that did not involve him going through multiple fights. Something rolled to a stop next to his feet and he had a second’s glance at it before exploded in a burst of white light, blinding and deafening him as flashbangs were wont to do.

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