Subject: ((I'll have to pick one up! They seem really fun.))
Posted on: 2016-05-06 17:33:53 UTC

Jesse gaped as he watched Wobbles vault over him in slow motion. A drop of orange juice landed on his cheek. Her blow took him completely off guard, and he stumbled, cursing.

Alleb, on the other hand, was ready. She jumped over Wobbles, then slashed down with her length of wood, intending to conk the clown in the head. She prayed it would be enough to at least make her pause. This woman's Glimpse is from the Blue Mountains, I do not doubt, she thought. She more than matched them in size and strength.

((I shall try! Tell me if I'm letting my agents get away with too much, by the way. I've never really been in an RP like this one before.


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