Subject: Jesse was many things.
Posted on: 2016-05-05 16:05:34 UTC

He was tall, blond, and a cowboy. He was a momma's boy (but would die before he admitted it) and an excellent shot. He could hunt, skin, and herd cattle better than the rest. He was also in horrible, horrible pain, because of all the things he was, fast was not one of them.

Alleb gasped as she saw her partner crushed into the floor by Wobble's impact. The cowboy screamed, but the cry was cut off by the pressure on his lungs. "Alleb!" he rasped. "Help!"

Alleb rushed forward to do something--what that was, she wasn't sure--but before she had taken two steps an apple drilled into the side of her head, going only slightly slower than a professional fastball. The swordmaiden toppled over with a groan, lights flashing behind her eyes.

On the other side of the Cafeteria, Agent Mia smiled wickedly, and chose another target.

((To clarify, Agent Alleb is not unconscious, only knocked down.


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