Subject: Levy observed the battlefield
Posted on: 2016-05-05 16:45:28 UTC

Anime physics engage

She noticed Ajax first, but he was about to enact scythe themed justice to a knight with an absurdly large lance. His new partner, Michael was? Was fighting another, of whom she inferred was the women behind the knight's partner (The Knight seemed to absurd and stoic to be an actual agent, so it might have been from another Mons series), so she decided to let him be. Her new partner, Nickul, disappeared to who knows where. Eventually her eyes landed upon a pink puffer fish looking thing.

She summoned her chains, initially using them similarly to a 3DMG. Oh how she missed her wings. Sailing over head of her target, she sent the chains towards it, wrapping it in the chains. She then used her momentum to barrel roll, causing the fish to sail over her, and slammed it back into the ground, should it not react.

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