Subject: Agent Alleb immediately went into combat mode.
Posted on: 2016-05-05 13:04:25 UTC

"Help me turn this table, Sir Jesse!" she yelled, taking hold of the worn edge. Food flew through the air around them, splattering on the ground and occasionally splattering them. Alleb felt a grin work its way onto her face at the sounds of the brawl--she hadn't had a decent, hand-to-hand fight in weeks.

Jesse stood, toppling back his chair, and took hold of the table with her. Together they heaved, turning the rectangle onto its side, dumping their lunches on the ground. Jesse adjusted the legs so they kept the thing up. Alleb peered over the top, ducking back down when a pile of greenish mashed potatoes--she hoped they were mashed potatoes--flew at her, striking the front of their barricade. "We are well positioned in this corner!" the swordmaiden said. "Now we have only to find worthy opponents!"

She looked over and, to her surprise, Jesse was also grinning. "I ain't seen a proper brawl since I left Kansas City," he said. He looked at her, brown eyes alight. "You ever been in one?"

"Are you or are you not talking to one of the wrestling champions of Alleble?" Alleb said, stretching the muscles in her arms. "I say we dash out, fight for a few moments, then return here before we are bloodied." She paused for a moment. "We fight to end the fight and bring peace, of course," she said, as an afterthought.

"Right," Jesse said, winking. "Sounds good." He held out his hand. "Together?"

Alleb clasped it firmly. "Together!"

They released each other, and with their own war cries--"Yeeehaw!"--"For Alleble!"--they vaulted over their table barricade and charged into the fray.

((Boy, this sounds fun! =D I might involve Michael and Mia later. Poor guys, they haven't been used since the Hunger Games RP.

Thanks for doing this, July!


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