Subject: Cafeteria Blitz
Posted on: 2016-05-05 10:19:34 UTC

As of half a minute ago, a large fight was sparked in the HQ cafeteria.

Roughly a minute or two before that, a woman wearing coveralls slammed into the room, a young assassin freaked out about government conspiracies (even in the PPC you can't escape those, it seems) and attacked the newcomer, and the assassin was knocked down with ease with a broom of all things.

Afterwards, the newcomer issued a challenge to the whole cafeteria and for a word, hell broke loose rather quickly, because that's just how things roll on some days that end with 'y'. Especially because someone— who?— yelled out "Everyone attack!".

Unfortunately the woman disappeared rather quickly into the now roiling crowd, so that's a bit of a failure mode.

You're already here, so.

Anyone up for fighting?

Sometimes, it's just fun to RP a brawl, which is exactly what is going on here!

A few rules to lay down for this one:

  • You've got to have permission this time.
  • No godmoding— this means controlling other people's characters without their permission or agreement as to what happens next. Don't assume what a character's reaction will be to something your characters do.
  • No, you can't actually track the woman who sparked the whole incident off. There are reasons. Promise.
  • This is a good, lighthearted fun brawl. Please don't kill anyone off.
  • If your characters wouldn't actually be fighting at all, well, they could always be there spectating or trying to place bets.
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