Subject: "Wow!"
Posted on: 2016-05-05 14:45:58 UTC

While dashing, Hop heard her partner casting spells covering her. Suddenly, in her peripheral she noticed somebody coming after her. She stopped in her tracks, did a forward roll, dodging a swing, and faced her opponent.

"Enjoyin' the party, love?" She smiled at the man, reaching for the sonic blaster strapped to her leg. "Well, 'm afraid I 'ave to make this quick. Try to keep up!"

After preventing a deadly tomato attack, Hip looked towards where it came from. She then saw a man rushing towards her. It didn't look like he wanted to have just a friendly foodfight.

Hip clicked her tongue, and took off the Amulet of her neck.

"Defend me, Freelancer!"

The Amulet began to glow, and soon afterwards a 7'6" tall Titan was protecting Hip with his enormous shield.

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