Subject: 'It-s a clock tower, now?!'
Posted on: 2016-10-09 06:29:46 UTC

'Well, aren-t I in bloody luck! That drives possibilities up to,' He stopped, staring ahead at nothingness. His ocular spun slowly and calmly, whirring for a few moments, before suddenly stopping. 'Oh, forty million. But because I trust you so much, He said, 'I-ll lower that to a nice thirty-eight million.'

'Finch, you know what the technicians said about that sar-plasm build-up in your coolant tubes.'

'The technicians nearly killed me!'

'Blowtorches are supposed to be hot, aren't they?' Bingle's face screwed up.

'That-s the same bloody stuff in explosions!' Finch said, pointing. He looked back to Peregrin, still pointing at Bingle. 'We-re from, essentially, nowhere.'

'Semi-fic blips, you know. Different fics.' Bingle added. 'It's quite nice, actually. I've not heard once of a Sue from UnderLondon Esoteric.'

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