Subject: "And then, man, did you even see those Flytraps!"
Posted on: 2016-10-04 18:22:07 UTC

Printworthy smiled over his glass of wine, patiently waiting for his partner to get the excitement out of his system. If he were truly honest with himself he was rather flustered as well. It was quite the harrowing experience. They have both had faced against many dastardly villains in the past, glitter-dos of such power, they could rival Tirek in raw strength. But for one to wield the powers of the Everfree Forest itself? He knew he had vanquished far more challenging foes, but this one...

"Then, wham! I don't think I've seen somebody, just, freaking, get launched that far! I mean, hope they're OK and all, but by Celestia was it funny."

The unicorn took a gentle sip. He decided the next drink was going to be some manner of bleep-cohol. He was used to the mystic chaos of the Everfree by now, of course. He's had to plunge into it's depths many times before. He had even grown accustomed to its unique flora and fauna. Learned to think of it as yet another forest. Yet, this particular glitter-do brought back all his childish fears again. The writhing vines, rushing forth to ensnare him, rend the flesh from his bones, and consume his soul. It was... Disturbing, to say the least.

"Thank goodness I brought my spear. Would have been up all kinds of creeks without it!"

Printworthy signaled for another round. He had managed to maintain his composure in the middle of the crisis, even as childish fears and traditional wisdom beat against his training. At least, he believed so. Perhaps the traces of bleeprin wafting through the air was beginning to affect his memory. Even still, as he sat, listening to Marvin spin his tales of grandeur, he began planning a visit to Fictional Psychology. Just a therapy visit, somebody to talk to and be sure everything was all right. He could not risk suffering a mental breakdown the next time he was required to venture into that cursed wood again.

"You know, it just hit me. Wasn't this set in, like, season one? So, then, how come there were so many plants from that attack in Twilight's Kingdom? You know, the ones that the Tree of Harmony was suppressing. I don't know, maybe canon was trying to salvage something from this mess. Or, maybe I'm just seeing things. I dunno."

Printworthy took his new glass, passing two bits over to the humble bartender. He took a deep sip of the bitter drink, relishing the dampening of memory. He was not one to abuse bleeprin, unlike most of his peers, but even he had to admit, the feeling of relief from mental anguish that washed over his brain was quite welcome. Besides, he had no reports to write this afternoon, Celestia willing. He could afford a little irresponsibly.

"Hey, you alright man? You're a bit quieter than usual."

The unicorn shook his head. "My apologies. I was in a rather contemplative mood this afternoon. Must be the wine working its wonders."

Marvin shrugged, taking a swig of his cider. "No worries. Just checking in, is all." At this, his eyes wend wide. His hands flew down to his pouches, feeling around theor contents. "Did you grab the DVDs? I don't have em."

Printworthy searched his saddlebags. "Blast. It appears not."

Marvin groaned. "Ugh. Now we have to get replacements. I just hope the cleanup crew found them first. Else, somepony is gonna have an existential crisis on their hooves." He took a big gulp of his cider. "Still. 'Least we purged the monster. That's nice."

Printworthy smiled, raising his glass. "Indeed. Cheers to that."

Marvin looked around the crowded pub. He saw old friends, new acquaintances, and many unfamiliar agents. Something stored inside him. In a flash of inspiration, and alcohol enhanced confidence, he stood, ponding on the table. "A toast!" he cried, swinging his mug. "To dead Sues and Stus. May they fall quickly, and sparkly!"

Printworthy shook his head, but raised his glass high. "Cheers!" As his partner sat back down, he decided to assess the crowd himself. "Well, now that you demanded everyone's attention, perhaps we should socialize. Join with others in the festivities."

Marvin nodded, as he chugged his drink. "Yeah, sure," he said, wiping off cider from his chin. "Right after I finish this drink."

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